What I do is I make things. I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would get my parents to buy me toys so I could take them apart, and then make new things out of the parts. During my youth, I took all the usual shop courses at school. I’ve had a small workshop since my early twenties, where I’ve made any number of items incorporating wood, metal, plastic, fabric, and of course electronics. I was always “The Guy” my friends would come to when they need help getting something fixed, and I was always happy to help.

Almost all my jobs have had something to do with making things. My second favourite job of all time was working in a Do-it-Yourself Picture Framing shop. Here I got to spend an average of an hour and a half with each customer, helping them turn their favourite poster, or other memorabilia into a professionally displayed piece. The best part of this job was seeing the pride and satisfaction the customer gained by accomplishing something they had no idea they could do when they walked in the store.

After my postsecondary education at DeVry Institute of technology, I had the pleasure of working with an engineer that taught me about the product development process, and the importance of research and planning. Over the four years I worked with him, he always delivered his projects early and on budget. Throughout my career I’ve seen this process successfully deployed by others as well. Where the process hasn’t be used is where I’ve often seen problems. Now I operate Creator Consulting, where I help people like you understand this process and how you can use it to successfully bring your idea to market.

This blog has been created as a means of providing you with some basic information about product development and how you too can be successful.

Robert Shular





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